Mosquito Control within the Community

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Again this year, the Community has signed up with Queen Anne's County for adult mosquito surveillance and periodic spraying. Please note that a technician may not visit our community every week. On average, spraying occurs once every two weeks. Nights when spraying may occur are no longer assigned. The County's technicians are instructed to turn off the sprayer when they see people and, for this reason, they ask that we stay inside when we see or hear the spray truck.

The density of the adult mosquito population will be measured by landing rate counts and CDC mosquito light traps. Spraying only takes place when the density of mosquitoes reaches a standard threshold and weather conditions are conducive to successful mosquito control. Much more detail regarding this may be found on the Marling Farm's website under the Community Documents section.

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Marling Farms Community Beaches

  • For Dues-Paying Members Only
  • Open Sunrise to Sunset
  • Use at Your Own Risk
  • Children Under 13 with Adult Supervision Only!
  • Please Clean Up Your Trash and After Your Pet
  • CAUTION–Water Subject to Heavy Tidal Action
  • Swim at Your Own Risk
  • No Overnight Parking

Violators Will Be Prosecuted

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Not Receiving Email from Marling Farms?

Are you not receiving occasional email messages from Marling Farms? Then make sure to include your personal email address on the Dues Invoice form when you mail in your dues. This will allow you to receive timely updates on events happening in the community, notification of the occasional missing pet, and other community-centric communications.

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Dog Waste within the Community

Please be mindful and pickup after your pet. Our community provides dog waste bags at each of our Community Beaches. If being a good neighbor is not enough to convince you to cleanup after your pet, here is what Queen Anne's County says.

QAC Code Chapter 9, Animal Control, Section 18 states the following on the Discharge on Property of Others
  1. Private property. The owner or custodian of an animal may not allow his or her animal or any animal under his or her care to defecate on the property of another without the consent of the owner of the property.
  2. Public property. The owner or custodian of an animal may not allow his or her animal or any animal under his or her care to defecate on public property unless the owner or custodian of the animal immediately thereafter removes and disposes of any and all waste in a sanitary manner.

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