Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions heard by the Board of the Community Association.

How can I find the Community rules and regulations?

Click on the radio button labeled ''Community Documents'' above. This will take you to a page with a link to the Community Association Bylaws and Community Covenants. If these documents do not answer your question, please contact the Board for assistance by sending an e­mail to If you don't have access to email, ask a neighbor to send a message on your behalf or feel free to stop a board member when you see him or her.

How are the rules enforced?

Due to the community covenants being prepared in the 1950's, there are sections that may no longer be consistent with the current County Code. As such, the community has limited enforcement ability. We primarily act upon suggestions or concerns, so please, after consulting the covenants and restrictions, try to work out issues with your neighbors in a neighborly manner. The board will handle grievances on a case by case basis.

Are Community Dues Mandatory?

The dues are mandatory for all addresses within Marling Farms, including undeveloped lots. However, if a Community Member owns more than one lot within Marling Farms, dues are owed on one lot only.

How much are dues, and how is the money used?

As of June 2019, annual dues are $100. They go mostly toward mandatory liability insurance, maintaining community areas, mosquito spraying, printing and mailing newsletters, community gatherings and beautifying our community.

I don't use the facilities, why should I pay as much as someone who does?

The facilities are for all community property owners in good standing, their legal tenants, and guests. Even if you do not, for instance, use the boat landings or playgrounds, the value to the community is still there. Real estate listings always have pictures of the common areas as selling features, increasing your property value.

Why is the community speed limit 25 MPH?

Many residents enjoy hiking, riding, and dog walking along our community roadways. Unfortunately, there are no sidewalks. During the most recent traffic safety study, it was found that the posted speed limit should remain at 25 miles per hour. Raising the speed limit 10 MPH will reduce the commute time through the neighborhood by less than one minute. Also, Parsons Island Road is posted at 30 MPH, a good idea especially considering the deer, foxes, turtles and other surprises.

What can you do about speeding in the neighborhood?

This is the most frequently asked question. If you observe ANY dangerous or illegal activity, this includes vandalism, theft and trespassing, along with speeding or aggressive driving, let the QAC Sheriff do their duty! They may be reached by calling 410­758­0770. Of course, in the case oemergency that requires immediate action, please call 911. Be considerate of your neighbors when driving around and through the community

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